About Jamye

Jamye Richardson

Jamye L.D. Richardson is a certified massage therapist, neuromuscular rehab therapist, and viniyoga instructor with 8 years experience. Jamye is also trained in a variety of energy balancing modalities including Reiki and Healing Touch. Her extensive knowledge about human anatomy allows her to assist each client in deepening their knowledge about their body and understanding how it works.

Jamye uses a variety of treatments along with postural assessment to help clients move their body towards alignment. These treatments include neuromuscular therapy, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, and energy balancing. She uses hot stones as spot treatments and essential oils.

Jamye enjoys working with clients who are ready to embrace their bodies where they are at and are open to transforming towards their full potential.


You can reach Jamye at 970.556.3050, through our clinic (Natural Health Associates) at 970.372.1277, or via email at [email protected].