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Join our Tribe and earn discounts for your bodywork sessions!

Mar 14, 2017

Announcing our Tribe Ambassador program - refer a new client, and you both get a discount!


Balance Bodywork Blog

Would you like to get discounts on your bodywork sessions? Welcome to our new Tribe Ambassador program! Many of you already refer friends and family (and random people you meet in the checkout line…you know who you are) and so we’ve come up with a way to thank you for your fantastic support.

Refer someone to our practice, and they get 10% off. Depending on how engaged you are with our program, you can get up to 25% off every time one of your referrals books with us! Check out the levels we’ve set up, and then talk to us at your next session – we’ll hook you up with referral cards so you can start spreading the love!


Level 1: Ambassador – the “10/10” level

Refer new clients into our practice and you both get a 10% discount!


Level 2: Emissary – the “10/15” level

Join our story and level up! Your friends get a 10% discount, and you get 15%!


Level 3: SUPERFLY! – the “10/25” level

When you’ve become part of our story and successfully referred 10 people into our practice, you join the highest ranks of our tribe. Your referrals get a 10% discount, and you get 25% off!


As a member of our Tribe Ambassador program, we’d love for you to “Like” and "Follow" us at our Balance Bodywork facebook page, regularly engage with our Facebook posts, and share when appropriate. It would also be fantastic for you to “check in” on Facebook when you come in for your sessions. Spread the love!


Don't already follow us on Facebook? Click this link to go to our page, and click "Like" and "Follow"!



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