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Balance ~ a state of equilibrium, steadiness, or stability.

Every body strives for balance. A shoulder muscle tightens to support a weakened area (often caused by injury or overuse), and the opposite hip may tighten to maintain balance. Over time this response becomes habit, creating poor alignment and chronic pain. 

Functional Bodywork is more than just a massage. It meets you where you are and works with you to facilitate positive change. It not only relieves that pain and tension, it increases your flexibility and range of motion and decreases your chance of injury. No matter what you do for work or play, your body will feel better and perform better with regular bodywork.

Each session combines a blend of different techniques tailored to your particular circumstance. A typical session may include deep Myofascial work combined with Neuromuscular Therapy and stretches to release restrictions in a tight shoulder. On the other end of the spectrum, it could include gentle massage combined with breathwork, yoga poses, and meditation/visualization to help support fatigued adrenals.


Our therapists are trained in many different and complementary modalities:


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